Stand up to style for men

Wear a dress that suits your Age

If you are a teen, dress like a teen; if you are a guy in his fifties, dress like a guy in his fifties. If you want to dress like an adult, anything overly flashy or colorful can simply become inappropriate and so will the tees with cartoons on them. Instead, opt for solids, plaids, or checks that strike the balance of casual and sophisticated. Even if you’re a teen, a well-worn button down shirt can go a long way in showing taste and maturity.

Put Jeans of your comfort

If you’re dressing to impress, you have to find that nice middle ground where you look presentable for any occasion, whether you’re jumping on a plane for a business trip, taking a significant other out to dinner, or running errands on the weekends, jeans have become widely more accepted as  formal wear, so be sure to look the part.

Add up  some unique styles

A blue jeans , black formal  ,A dark indigo jean will look great with a button down shirt in a meeting at the office, and a light blue faded jean will look great at happy hour with your friends.  But jeans are not the only option for bottom weights.  Guys should also consider adding some variety to their wardrobe by investing in a pair of chinos. Not only does it add variety in colors that you can wear, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and class, giving the impression you want to convey.

Your shoes should match your dress

Wear black loafers  when your dress is bright.Try wearing a pair of brown leather loafers instead of your sneakers, and  You look sharper. Brown leather loafers still look too formal for you? Try a pair of desert boots. Desert boots look nicer than sneakers, aren’t as dressy as loafers, and add that level of comfort all men want.

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