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JOG Falls(Shimoga)

Jog Falls is one of the greatest natural sights one can witness.The waterfalls plunge over 200 meters, making them one of the highest in the country. You can also engage in some trekking or drive around the countryside to discover the other attractions of the region  a visit to Dabbe Falls is always recommended. Located close to the Jog Falls, the Tunga Anicut Dam is a great place to stop for a picnic. Witness a calmer face of the River Sharavathi at Honnemaradu where you can engage in some water activities like kayaking and rafting

The Western Ghats of Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine Eco-systems of the continent. The verdant misty landscapes are fed by many streams which flow into the mighty rivers of the state. In that we can witness the powerful jog falls.

Western Karnataka is a haven for those who seek adventure. The journey is as interesting as the destination, and it is always recommended that you travel on your own terms, so you do not miss the other pleasant discoveries on the way.

One of the highest plunge waterfalls in India, Jog Falls are formed by the Sharavathi River and drop some 253 m (830 ft). Get up on one of the platforms or nearby viewpoints and enjoy the vista of the four rushing cascades taking their dramatic, straight plunge down the jagged cliff side. The falls are at their most thunderous and plentiful during monsoon season, but even if you visit in the drier months, you will still be rewarded with a scenic view of the cascades surrounded by a luscious forest. Arrange your visit to Jog Falls and discover more family-friendly attractions in Shimoga.

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