Fashion for office

Men things

  1.  A blazer isn’t always required but it can smarten up any look, making you feel more confident throughout your pitch. You could choose a blazer in a dark block color with either a  pattern or without.
  2.  A shirt is an essential part of a working man’s wardrobe; whether you’re layering on top with a cardigan or a blazer, your buttoned-up, collared shirt should be pressed and tucked into your bottoms.
  3.  Smart trousers or chinos are a safe option (preferably dark or beige in color; don’t pull out your summer whites for a business meeting – no matter the weather). If you’re in a startup or in the creative industry, jeans could be suitable, provided they are dark denim with a straight cut (no skin-tight or ripped jeans).
  4.  Chelsea boots, brogues or formal shoes are all a great option in brown, black, leather or suede.
  5.  A belt is a wardrobe staple and should be worn with every outfit. A watch is also a nice touch but make sure it’s not too flashy – you don’t want to distract your audience with an accessory.
  6.  If your meeting is in the colder months and you need to wrap up warm, choose a pea coat, trench coat or a formal wool jacket.

Women things

  1.  Keep it simple with a chiffon shirt, simple jersey top, turtleneck or patterned blouse. You could also layer with a blazer for a smarter look.
  2.  Suit trousers, chinos and structured wool trousers are all acceptable for company meetings.
  3.  A dark-colored bold body con dress, pleated A-line or midi skirt are working women’s go-to ideas for professional clothing. They are feminine options that are suitable for the workplace.
  4.  Loafers, brogues, pumps and up to four-inch heels are suitable.
  5. Light jewelry is your best bet; don’t go for any bold statement options or big earrings – these will only distract from what you are there to do.
  6.  For the colder days, opt for a pea coat, trench coat or smart jacket to accompany your look

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